How Resilient is your firm to the next pandemic, trade war or other political event? In this stres-test we identify your critical business processes and test them against a range of disruptive scenario’s to identify your weaknesses.

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Scenario-planning helps you to see the future you don’t immediately expect. We scan your business environment to identify the Political, Economic, Environmental, Socio-cultural and Technological trends that might impact your business. Then we develop a number of scenario’s based on the longterm trends and main uncertainties we identified. These scenario’s give you an overview of the possible futures you will be confronted with. They help you build a future-proof strategy. For these exercise we work together with another partner who has strong experience in Environmental, Socio-cultural and Technological trends.

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Board Room Briefing

Every quarter we give you a briefing of how geopolitical evolutions are changing and how they might have an impact on your business. Tailored to your specific regional exposure, culture and risk appetite we deliver an update of the short, middle and long term evolutions. The briefing can be in the form of a report or a presentation with an opportunity for Q&A to dig deeper into specific subjects.

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Geopolitical Risk Scan

Years of globalisation gave us the illusion of a borderless world. But political borders matter more than ever. Increased geopolitical competition and more frequent use of economic statecraft in international conflicts augment the level of geopolitical risk for firms. Sanctions, import- and export embargo’s and boycotts have an impact on streams of resources or finished products through global supply chains and markets.

Many companies only deal with political risks on an ad hoc basis. They use credit and other insurance and have their local affiliates follow local political risks.

What these firms miss is a systematic analysis of the geopolitical, cross-border risks, they face. A Geopolitical Risk Scan focuses not only on local risks in multiple countries but also on the relationships between the different countries and the related risks. A systematic analysis brings a better overview of the risks on the strategic level that can’t be reached by just making the sum of local political risks.

In geopolitical risk analysis, we regard a firm as one big network. We identify the countries of origin of the resources, the locations of the production sites, the markets in which the products are sold and the transport routes between these locations. On this basis, we identify the critical bilateral relations where geopolitical risks exist risks for the firm.

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Monitoring services

For many firms staying up-to-date with the political events that can pose risks for their business is a difficult tasks for which they lack the expertises. Therefore wee offer a broad range of monitoring services ranging from updates on upcoming sanctions, trade issues to risks to your supply chain. We can provide weekly, monthly, quarterly updates, depending on your specific needs.

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