Hans Diels regularly gives keynotes on the major geopolitical trends and how they impact business and society.

Political volatility

Geopolitical trends, current conflicts and their impact on markets and supply chains

In this presentation, Hans Diels shows how the world economy is becoming more volatile and how this has repercussions on markets and supply chains. He zooms in on the most important trends and how they will have an impact on both business opportunities and risks. With vivid examples from the recent headlines and a look at the future, he illustrates how in the future the interaction between politics and markets will only increase and why companies should include this in their strategy.

The Frontier of Growth

New economic opportunities in the most dynamic part of the world.

Just as the frontiersmen in the Wild West went looking for fabulous opportunities but were also confronted with enormous risks, so there are enormous opportunities in the fastest-growing countries of the world. In this presentation, Hans Diels shows how countries such as Ethiopia, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Laos offer enormous perspectives for the companies that want to go there. He examines how the political environment in these countries still has an enormous impact on the economy and how companies can map both risks and opportunities.

American elections 2020

Will there be a Trump 2 government?

What are the prospects for the US Presidential and Congressional elections of 2020? Can Trump, despite his low popularity, with the support of his base, win a new mandate. Hans Diels takes you through the various scenarios, discusses the various candidates and discusses the most important dynamics that will play in the year before the elections.